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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We always try to find the silver lining, so we always say give us a chance to turn your misfortune into something very beautiful – perfectly resorted home!

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We are Residential Carpet Cleaning Novato – professional and specialized carpet cleaning company active on the territory of Novato, California.

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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

We are Sofa Cleaning Novato – professional company from Novato, California that among other things provides you and your home with perfectly clean sofas and sofa maintenance services.

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Carpet Cleaning Novato

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Welcome to our companyCarpet Cleaning Novato

We are experts in professional stain removal. We can remove the toughest of stains left by food, drinks and pets. We remove the odor too. Our service covers rugs as well. We take extra care to ensure that they are preserved in excellent condition in addition to getting perfectly clean. We offer shag rug and Flokati rug cleaning. We can make your sitting furniture as good as new too. We are specialists in upholstery cleaning.

Address: 510 Entrada Drive
Novato, California
Zip code: 94949
Phone: +1-415-842-3063

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Immediate 24 hour response by well-trained locksmiths.

Novato carpet cleaning in California

There are expensive and inexpensive carpets; there are wall to wall carpets and rugs; there are carpets which are made of silk, wool, nylon, polypropylene or polyester; there is a vast variety of colors, motifs and dimensions. The options will always be endless as long as manufacturers keep coming up with new ideas and suggestions. The positive thing is that we don't have to spend massive amounts of money in order to purchase a carpet for our house or office. The most significant thing is their proper maintenance in order to ensure the vividness of their colors and the healthy environment in our premises.


Carpet Cleaning Services

Most people keep scrubbing their carpets by using plain detergents to remove spots and stains from food or liquids. Yet, ordinary detergents may ruin or damage the fibers of the carpets while they can discolor them. Most of the times stains do not come out at all with such products but most importantly they can’t remove germs and other bacteria that find shelter in between the carpets’ fibers. Thus, carpets become the repository of bacteria, dust mites and viruses which may cause allergies and asthma while they pollute the environment. Deodorizing and sanitizing is a must and stain and odor removal may successfully achieved only by professional teams.

Carpet Cleaning Novato, CaliforniaOur company is the top carpet cleaning business which can guarantee you excellent residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. We invite you to ask us about our carpet cleaning methods in order for you to be confident that we will take excellent care of your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Novato has an outstanding reputation due to the most innovative carpet cleaning machines that our people use and our technicians’ expertise and professionalism. We enter your home or your office with respect for you and your valuable carpets and we work responsibly and thoroughly. As we do area rug cleaning we can detect even the minor stains that hide between the fibers of your carpets and successfully remove them. We use green technology products and we determine which ones are appropriate for your carpets depending always on their textiles. We also engage in Oriental rugs cleaning with attention and care by using the proper products and machines.

Call us at any time to schedule an appointment or in case you want to ask any information about your carpets or advices for their maintenance.

Our carpets and rugs are part of our everyday lives and activities within the house or office. It’s only natural if particles of dust, mud, food or pet hair are collected amongst the fibers. But the regularity of maintaining the carpets and thus removing the mites and the stains is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but most significantly for our health. When stains or pet urines remain a long time on the carpet the chances of permanent odor are higher.

Carpet Cleaning Novato engages in anti-allergen treatment that will kill bacteria, germs and mites. You don’t have to breathe polluted air anymore because we can refresh your environment and make it a pleasant place for your clients and for your family at home. You didn’t spend a fortune for the purchase of your carpet and you don’t have to spend a fortune for their maintenance but you must schedule regular appointments for your carpet cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Novato promises to change the air you breathe.

As a top provider of carpet cleaning services, our company in California removes stains, odor and mold effectively and quickly. Our technicians work with all kinds of carpets and with upholstery and rugs too. We service the entire area with zip code 94949.

Areas of carpet cleaning services provision

Commercial rug cleaning is also offered by the same service providers but it depends with their charges and how they offer their services.

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Benefits Of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is different from shampooing in the sense that it does not require use of cleaning chemicals, but instead utilizes hot water to kill germs.

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Tried And Tested Methods For Removing Mold and Mildew From Rugs

According to Carpet Cleaning Novato technicians, you should use an antibacterial spray for misting the affected region.

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